O’Leerie Stout

The Publican House uses quality ingredients and time honoured traditions, we pour our hearts into each batch of beer we create.

O’Leerie Stout

photo of O’Leerie Stout beer
  • Available in the Winter
  • ABV: 4.6%
  • IBU: 28.7
  • Unfiltered

Comes In:

  • 473ml Can
  • Growler
  • Keg

Espresso and chocolate notes combine in this 4.6% ABV, indulgent winter seasonal. Surprisingly smooth, O’Leerie Stout is sure to please!

Our 2018 New & Improved O’Leerie stout will remain true to the same great taste, but with adjusted malt balance, will increase mouthfeel, reduce acidity, and increase chocolate notes to create a perfectly balanced flavour profile. This Stout pairs perfectly with steak or meat pie.

The name O’Leerie Stout is a tribute to the Electric City as Peterborough was the first city in Canada to use electric street lamps.  O’Leerie’s were the original lamplighters, who lit gas lamps in towns and cities before electric light.

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